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Our Supporters

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To have a quick access on viewing the Donors/Beneficiaries on the Donation List of the wells please type the information that the donors suggested to put on the sign into the "Search for donor" box and click search. 

Giselle, (France-Italy)

Mrs. Giselle is a friend of Mrs. Graciela Cianfrini-Andrade from France-Italy. She contributed the funds to support our project by donating the 1 construction of the clean water pump well, 3 bicycles, 5 checkens and 2 cocks for the families in the rural ... More Details

Friends of Massimo CIANFRINI (FAO, Rome-ITALY). Sambou village. December, 2011. Wells No.31

On Christmas Day 2011, the Friends of Massimo CIANFRINI, (FAO, Rome-Italy), have donated 1 clean water pump well through Mrs. Graciela ANDRADE-CINANFRINI (Rome-Italy), for the poor families in the rural villages of Siem Reap province for taking advantage of ... More Details

Reniery Gabriele RODRIGUEZ-IRIAS (Honduras)

The Grandparents of Reniery Gabriele RODRIGUEZ-IRIAS (Honduras), have donated 1 clean water pump well on the name of their little grandchildren, Reniery. Graciela have disseminated the information of the project to them and sooner they started to contribute ... More Details

Michael Schoenfeld & Leo Kaurenfeld (USA)

Mr. Michael Schoenfeld & Leo Kaurenfeld, were the tourists from Washington DC, USA, have donated a clean water pump wells for the families in Siem Reap ... More Details

Any & Gustavo (Ecuador). September 2010

Any and Gustavo (Equador), have donated 1 clean water pump well for getting the advantage of the water from the well for healthy drink and one bicycle for transfer the children to school. Under the dissemination of the information of project of Graciela, Any ... More Details | View Video

Graciela ANDRADE-CIANFRINI (Ecuador-Italy)

Mrs. Graciela ANDRADE-CIANFRINI, is a Supporter and a fundraiser of Clean Water & Educational Program Project (CWEP Project). She is very enthusiastic and a true humanintarian, works hard to disseminate the information of the Project amongst her colleagues ... More Details

Robert & Ginger with family (Washington DC, USA).#4. January 2011

The beneficiaries would be very happy to benefit these donations. The clean water well is really very important for the poorest families and their children in obtaining the right to clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing as well as serving the lesser ... More Details

Robert & Ginger with family (New York, USA).#5. January 2011

Finally, they have the clean water from the ground to drink. They can obtain the water from the pump well every seasons even if the rainy season is not a problem for them. On the behalf of the poor Cambodian people and in the name of CWEP Project Coordinator ... More Details

Matt Fletcher & Mrs. Charlotte Fletcher (England). 2010

Mr. Matt Fletcher & Charlotte Fletcher, were the tourists, donated 1 clean water pump well for a family, while they visited Siem Reap-Angkor, Cambodia during year 2010. Thank you very much to Matt and Charlotte that have kindly donation to support our project ... More Details

Friends of Massimo CIANFRINI (Rome-Italy). Sway village. December, 2011. Wells No.27

The Friends of Massimo CIANFRINI, (Rome-Italy), have donated 1 clean water pump well for the poor families in the rural villages of Siem Reap for taking advantage the clean water for clean drinking and serving the lesser crops near by the well. This well is ... More Details