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Families in Need


There are many families that we have completed our assessment with and are awaiting a clean well. Explore the page and meet some of the families and villages who are waiting for your help.

During the assessment process we look at several aspects of the families and their situations. Our first step in any area is to work with the local Chief of the Village to establish who has the greatest need. We will then meet with the family, review their scituation and explain our expectations. Unfortunately there are more families in need than we can help so the decision on whom to help is a difficult one which is why we involve the local administration to assist us.

We ask that each recipient not only take care of the well and equipment but also that it is intended to be communal and shared with their neighbors. It does not matter if the well is located close to their home or not. We would like to point out that there has never been a problem with sharing, the Cambodian culture is one of comunal effort and if one person has something they are always willing to share. The short and long term care of the well is also communal and the family or village are made aware that they will be completely responsible for the well after 6 years.

More information about families need:

Assessment Date: 31st October, 2018