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Cambodia uses the U.S. Dollar ($) as currency, please make all transactions accordingly.

It is through the generous support of our donors that FWEC is able to so greatly affect the lives of the poor people of Cambodia. We welcome donations of any amount and the many families we work with are always very grateful for your support. When you make a donation please be sure to inform us as to what program you want your donation to support and how you would like to be acknowledged on our donors page, i.e. by name, organization or anonymous. If you would like us to include a particular picture on the donors page, please e-mail your favorite to us.

Please communicate with us prior to transmitting any funds so that we will be aware of your donation. We will need to collect some information from you, including your contact information so we may notify you upon receipt.



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 WESTERN UNION (Prefered Option)

By far this is the safest, fastest and has the lowest fees. When transmitting the funds by Western Union, FWEC does not incure any fees when receiving the funds, and you have a receipt of the transaction. Below are the instructions and information necessary for sending funds to FWEC via Western Union. The Western Union agent will give you a reciept of your transaction, on it there will be a 10 Digit MTCN number. This number must be communicated to FWEC to enable us to retreive your donation. 


Western Union Instructions               Contact Us             For more information click: Western Union


If you are in Siem Reap and come to our offices, or get to spend time with one of our team members, we would greatfully accept cash donations. Please be sure you know whom your are speaking with and get a receipt. We will also ask that you supply us with your contact information so we can keep you up to date on the use of your donation. Note: If you want to donate by check or traveler's cheques we would request that you visit one of the many currency exchange offices in Siem Reap and convert to cash. The banks in Cambodia will charge FWEC a fee for processing any checks. In our attempts to reduce our administration costs, we would prefer to accept cash only - if you are donating in person in Siem Reap.


Due to the service fees that are assessed to both the sender and receiver, it is prefered that wire transfer methods are not used except for larger donations. Please contact us and we can discuss the best method of transmitting the funds you wish to donate.   

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FWEC does not currently have the accounts set up that are necessary to accept donations made with a credit card. If for some reason you truly want to use a credit card, there are cash transfer options available thru most credit card companies. Although there may be some added security benefits, please be mindful of the fees and interest charges on these types of transactions and speak with your bank before proceeding. Please contact us and we can discuss the best method of transmitting the funds you wish to donate.

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A great way to help FWEC is to sponsor a Fundraising Event. This can be as simple as talking to friends at a bookclub meeting or when out to dinner. Click the link for printable information about FWEC that can be used in a presentation to raise awareness of our efforts. Other ideas include running in a marathon, school class projects for social awareness, fundraising within a social organization such as Scouts, Fraternities or Sororities.

Fundraising Materials (Link Pending)

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 These instructions in PDF (Link Pending)These instructions in PDF (Link Pending)These instructions in PDF (Link Pending)