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About FWEC



To identify poor communities and families in the rural surrounds of Siem Reap - who are in desperate need of the basic necessities to lead a healthy life -  and provide them with clean water, improved nutrition and opportunities for better education and economic improvement.


Cambodia has been a country forgotten by many. Events in history, such as the bombings during the Vietnam War and then the horrors of the Khmer Rouge, have caused many to look away. We have all seen or heard of the movie The Killing Fields, but forget that it was based on a real place with the suffering of real people. When you first arrive in Cambodia you are struck by the beauty of both the land and the people. You are greeted by people that are glad to have survived and are looking forward to a promising future, living their lives and caring for their families. As you settle in you will start to see the genuine happiness and peacefulness with which the people live, despite their struggles. However, while some are becoming successful, there are many others who are still struggling to survive due to poor nutrition coupled with the lack of clean water and few opportunities to improve their lives.

The Foundation for Water & Education, Cambodia (FWEC) is a non-political, non-religious group established in 2012 to address many of these needs. FWEC has its roots in the Clean Water & Education Project (CWEP), which was started in 2010 by Mr. Chantrea Chhuon of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Chantrea grew up in Battambang Province in rural Cambodia and lived with the struggles of poor water and food supplies. Through personal determination, Chantrea was able to take the government courses to become a tour guide, teaching himself both English and Japanese, as well as Cambodian history. He moved his family to the area of Siem Reap and began working as a tour guide. Chantrea never forgot what it was like to struggle to find clean water and, as he secured the future of his family, he turned his attention to the needs of those still struggling. With the early support of Mrs. Graciela Andrade-Cianfrini of Rome, Italy and Mrs. Maria Hicks of Melbourne, Australia, Chantrea established CWEP. The primary focus of the group was the installation of wells for clean water, enabling families to enjoy better health, as well as to have sufficient water for additional crops. In 2012 the group decided to reorganize as FWEC in order to expand its efforts to include some of the other needs of the poor families of Cambodia such as agricultural efforts and educational programs. Please explore our site, visit our Families In Need  page, and find the many simple and low cost ways you can Help Us Help Others .


To have an ever-increasing number of poor families in the rural surrounds of Siem Reap have their quality of life improved by the provision of clean water, education and opportunities for economic improvement.


Your donations are warmly welcomed and will be used according to your programme preference; wells, bicycles, education, food and nutrition, etc.
Chantrea is truly honoured to be responsible for coordinating the installation of the wells and for all the other ways that you are interested in helping the poor rural families of Siem Reap. While Chantrea is our key person in Cambodia - it was his strong desire to help his people that has led to FWEC being created - he is supported by a group of like-minded dedicated individuals from around the world who regularly visit the projects.  Our Team


Population:       14.7 Million (2011est.) *                                 

Population with access to clean water: 40% (2008)*
Children under 5 moderately or severely underweight: 29% (2008)*

Food or waterborne diseases: Bacterial and Protozoan Diarrhea, Hepatitis A, and Typhoid Fever*
Vector borne diseases: Dengue Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, and Malaria*

                                                                    Cambodia                         United States (for comparison)
Birth rate / 1,000 people:
       25.4 Births (2011 est.)*         13.3 Births (2011 est.)* 
Birth rate / Woman:                  2.84 children (2011 est.)*    2.06 children (2011 est)*
Infant mortality rate
/ 1,000 live births:                  55.49 (2011)*                          6.92 Deaths (2011)*

*Statistics from CIA World Factbook