FWE Cambodia
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Contact: +855 93 345 657
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Foundation for Water & Education, Cambodia

Prime Contact
Mr. Chantrea Chhuon
Founder / Director
Siem Reap-Angkor, Cambodia
National Road No.6 (Airport Road), Krous village, Swaydangkum commune, Siem Reap-Angkor Cambodia 

Calls/WhatsApp: +855 93 3456 57 / 
+855 92 706 760
E-mail: chantrea@fwe-cambodia.org

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$7.00 Funds 1kg  of live poultry for a family to raise
$14.00 Funds a one month supply of Infant Nutritional Supplement
$14.00 Funds one water filter to improve drinking water
$16.00 Funds a set of basic farming tools for planting & harvesting rice
$16.00 Funds a school uniform and sandals for one child
$45.00 Funds one bicycle for a child to get to school
$45.00 Funds one cistern for water storage & clarrification
$200.00 Funds one Small well for clean water
$515.00 Funds one Medium well for clean water
$815.00 Funds one Large well for clean water for a group of families
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