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Noa, Zak, Leo, Jessica, Eva & Avi (Australia) - Reusey Lok, Reusey Lok - Dec 2016 - Well No. 366

Noa, Zak, Leo, Jessica, Eva & Avi (Australia) - Reusey Lok, Reusey Lok - Dec 2016 - Well No. 366 Noa, Zak, Leo, Jessica, Eva & Avi (Australia) - Reusey Lok, Reusey Lok - Dec 2016 - Well No. 366


In December, 2016, 
Noa, Zak, Leo, Jessica, Eva & Avi (Australia), have supported the FWEC by contributing funds for a small well to providing the clean water to people in a rural village of Siem Reap. Easch wells are built on the own property of each family and they share the water with the other families around. 

Thank you so much for your generosity support FWEC for helping the most need of Cambodians in the rural surrounds of Siem Reap.

Clean water is one of the most basic needs for survival. Although most of Cambodian has plenty of water, what is available to the majority of families is either natural surface water or water made available in shallow, hand dig, Pit Well. Both of these sources are filled with mud, insects, and disease, and covered over by even dirtier water during the yearly floods. Having clean water from a reliable source not only allows families to have water for cooking and drinking but also allows for bathing and laundry, all of which reduces the causes of disease and illness. In addition to better health and hygiene, the families will have the opportunity to plant an additional crop that does not rely on seasonal flooding for irrigation. This addition crop creates a more balance diet and creates an economic opportunity by enabling the families to sell excess produce at the market.

Thank you again for your generous support and help the poor people who less fortunate in the rual area of Siem Reap. On behalf of a Founder/Director with all teams of FWEC and the Cambodian people, we are really appreciate of your generosity. God blessing you!

“help me help others” 
"Ayúdame a Ayudar a los demás"

Reusey Lok Village
Reusey Lok Commune
Chikreng District
Siem Reap Province
Kingdom of Cambodia



Name Member Age Job Others
Saem Seng Father 73 Farmer N/A
Ruos Sam Mother 63 Farmer N/A
Seng Pruonh Son 20 Farmer N/A
Seng Breus Daughter 15 Farmer N/A


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