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Labdoo Organization (Barcelona, Spain). Technical Computer Training Program Year 2011

Labdoo Organization (Barcelona, Spain). Technical Computer Training Program Year 2011 Labdoo Organization (Barcelona, Spain). Technical Computer Training Program Year 2011


SRET Secondary school is a poor school bases in rural area about 20 kilometers North-East of Siem Reap town, Cambodia. SRET school is established in year 2006 completely with 5 rooms. One room serves as the administration office for director and teachers and other 4 rooms serves for the study rooms, with the total amount of students is 440 students.  The budget use to build this one building school was from the community collectivization. The director,  Mr. Sophak Tan has strongly effort to find the donations since he had nothing in hands to build this school for the children in his community. Now his dream is succeed.

Because of the new school is just starting and struggling in the rural village to serve the poor students with the knowledge, the school still have not enough thing to instruct the students to be more improvable. The school even if the students still looking for some help to support them with the study material supplies such as text books, reading books, writing paper, pens, pencil, etc. Furthermore, the school also have to build the library for the stundents to facilitate them for leisure reading to gain more knowledge by searching and reading in the library.  As mentioned above, the school is a new opening and the school or communities have no possibility to further their aims to construct the library without the helps. The Director, teachers, communities and students would be very happy if they have library building at their school.

The foundations would be change the lives of the poors to be better through your donations. As we agree that the education is the key to promoting a stable and productive society and must be a very high priority, so the students need to improve their knowledge more by searching, reading. We would be very glad and really appreciate if you would help us to solve this problems. 

By viewing this point, Labdoo Organization (Barcelona, Spain), have provided 12 computure laptops for training students of SRET Secondary School in SRET rural village via CWEP Project. The laptops are now delivered to school and the students are happy to enjoy the vocational training computer skill. Thank you very much to the travellers that have kindly support our project as a volunteer to carry thos laptops for our school.

On the behalf of the FWEC with SRET school director, teachers and students as the beneficiaries would be very happy and would perform the deeply from the heartfelt and thank you very much to Labdoo teams that have generous support effortively to our Project to improve the poor students the vocational skills of computer for rural student school. As we have seen that Cambodia is a slowly developing country  after Khmer Rouge Regime and most of the parents are unknowledgable as they are left from the genocide since they have no educated and no good job, their children have no opportunity or disadvatage to pay the fee for vocational skills. The donation of computer laptops from Labdoo Organization must be change their lives to be better and get a good job in the future. On the Labdoo Teams good activities, please GOD blessing all the donors and teams. Also thank you very much in special to Mrs. Graciela ANDRADE-CIANFRINI (Fundraising Coordinator), that have disseminated the information to find the helps. Please GOD Blessing you!

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